Tuesday, 24 July 2012

update on the old ticker - operation coming up!

The FPO had a check up at Northallerton Friarage hospital yesterday, and as l was going along with her, l thought l'd ask how to record off my loop recorder, as l had forgotten.  They decided to rig and wire me up for a quick check up, and discovered a new record. My heart has been stopping for 20 - 24 seconds, (when my previous best was 18), and had also stopped 77 times since September last year.  I asked if the gaps were a long time, and was informed that 10 seconds is usually the most without it having any affect, so they were impressed with me, as l hadn't noticed anything.  The consultant was summoned, and he told me that he was going to get me in straight away, and would be going up to Middlesbrough that afternoon to arrange a slot, so l will probably be operated on within a week or so.  I do have to stay in hospital at least overnight, and that is the bit l am cursing, as l don't want to be sharing any kind of ward with a bunch of old bastards who have pacemakers (although the FPO wasted no time in informing me that l am one of them).  I can be sedated if l want, as the consultant reckoned it would hurt more that getting the loop recorder fitted, although l will also have pain killers.  I'm curious enough to want to be awake during the operation, but l am also a cowardly individual who doesn't like to be in pain, so it's 50/50 at the moment. If l do get sedated, l expect a recreation of the scene above when l come round.  I can't drive until l am incident free afterwards, but l should be off work for a couple of weeks resting.  I won't be able to lift my left arm up or use it much for a while, so it's a good job l am right handed.  Bring it on - I'm indestructible!!!!

Oh, by the way - the FPO was fine.

toodle pip

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