Friday, 19 July 2019

space - walking in the final frontier and deep purple - space trucking

As it's the anniversary of the Moon landing this week, here's some more space related stuff (see earlier blog).
The first picture is Alexey Leonov leaving his spacecraft and taking the first steps into space. The second picture is Bruce McCandless, out and about in space by himself. The courage they had to do such things is remarkable, and the same goes for the first Moon landing guys.
And now we have Donald Trump and Boris Johnson - two men l would happily send into space (with a one way ticket).

Plus one of my favourite Deep Purple songs - Space Truckin' from their Made In Japan album

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meet the beatles and lennon and mccartney now

To follow on from the last post, here's some more Beatles stuff that tickles my fancy (Fnaar).
A dodgy looking Meet The Beatles album, and Lennon and McCartney nowadays.
I'll admit that the album looks like it's been touched up ever so slightly (Fnaar again) by a half blind drunkard, and the Lennon and McCartney picture is of their sons, but you can't have everything.
Thinking of which, it must be great having a  father who is so loaded you may never have to work in your life, but trying to live up to their reputations and match their body of work when you want to pursue a career in music is a sorry and pretty much impossible task that l would wish on no one.

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mick jagger running down the beatles at the abbey road crossing

Brilliant stuff! Mick Jagger running down The Beatles at the Abbey Road crossing. Whoever put this together deserves a medal.

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richmond live 2018 and the black sheep frederick dickens

As it's nearly time for Richmond Live again, l thought l'd stick these up from last year, as l couldn't get on my blog at the time, so promptly forgot about them.
There was no competition for the band l enjoyed the most, as Darlington's 'The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens' ticked most of the boxes for the type of music l love. An electronic two piece with an operatic type madman of a singer, doing bleak gothic songs about Charles Dickens' alcoholic brother. What's not to like?. l have attached a small part of their set that l recorded.
The last two pics are the albums l bought after their set (One is an Avalanche Records compilation).
Once again...Enjoy.

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the 1967 jungle book animated film - milton 'milt' kahl drawings

As l've said many times - l love the 1967 Jungle Book film, despite it being a bit too long. Anyway, to celebrate the genius of Milton 'Milt' Kahl, here's some of his sketches and drawings for the characters and film. Also, Buzzie and Flaps are shown, but to save you looking it up, the other two birds are called Ziggy and Dizzie.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

eventful walk home from the pub

Always handy to keep your eyes peeled for action on the walk home from the pub (last night)

 As usual - not much traffic about

 The joys of living by an Army Garrison

 Still no traffic

 Beauty trying to escape it's shackles

 Really prominent directions

 There's always one flower that gets too pissed and lets the side down

A bin getting spit roasted

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memories of ibiza

Despite it being warm today, this time 5 years ago l was in Ibiza with work. 


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sorting through some posters

Despite it being a lovely sunny day, l've stayed indoors pratting about. One of the things l did was sort out some old posters, of which, there is a selection below. The Greek football one l liberated in Athens years ago, but have no idea who the teams are. The French one was liberated in Orleans after l had hitch-hiked there with an old girlfriend. Can't work out why some are the wrong way round, some of them are huge, and yes, l am a sad git with 4 ipods!

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