Sunday, 16 April 2017

a monster in paris (un monstre a paris) - sean lennon and vanessa paradis

I finally got round to watching the 'A Monster in Paris' animation film the other day, and loved this song by the giant flea ( Francoeur). The lyrics appealed to me the most, to the extent that l checked in the end credits to see who it was by, with the intention of downloading it.
As a  massive (in more ways than one) Beatles fan, you could have knocked me down with a feather (Clever Trevor) when l discovered it was by Sean Lennon, son of John.
Anyone who knows me will now be aware that l will have to dig out all of Sean's solo stuff that l have listened to briefly in the past and then stashed away, in case there are other undiscovered gems to be found.
It's a hard life being interested in everything (and time consuming).

Here's the song with lyrics

And here's the animation version

Also, Vanessa Paradis (as Lucille in the film) sings a pretty fine version of La Seine.
Here's the slow French version, which l, being a cool and trendy dude, prefer.

au revoir / toodle pip

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