Thursday, 12 January 2012

printed t-shirts with bender, todd snider and timothy leary

I got around to buying some dark t-shirt transfers before Christmas, and this is one of the first of my creations. A Bender face (from Futurama) on a grey shirt. It looks brilliant, even if l say so myself.

Next on the list was this Todd Snider one, which looks great as well (and l've got my tickets to see him at The Borderline in London in February!). Hurrah!!!! His only English date.

This also worked out great. An old 'Turn on' poster by Timothy Leary. I should be doing this for a living, l've got such a great eye for what looks tasteful, stylish, and slightly different.
It's just a pity about the other one being wonky and crazed, otherwise, once again, l could have made my fortune.

toodle pip

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