Sunday, 14 August 2016

busy day with the garden and stockport

Well, it was a pretty productive day yesterday.
First off, l slaved away cutting the grass (with my fourth lawn mower of the year!), which had gotten unfeasibly long again, and trust me, it took bleeding ages, and there's still a little bit to do. Evidence is below.

Next, after cleaning myself up (a treat for everybody), l drove (with Mr Parrot to keep me company) to Stockport to pick up a load of Mojo music magazines that l bought the day before on ebay. Over 160 of the little beauties for under £14 (plus of course the petrol money). I am more than pleased with the purchase, but at some stage, l am going to need a bigger house for all my crap. Either that, or move out non essentials such as furniture.
Manchester United's first league game of the season later on, and no work till the 20th (apart from a trip to Wales next week), so l'm in heaven!!

toodle pip

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