Thursday, 21 November 2013

out and about recently

 Newcastle trip out to see the dentist, partake in the odd ale, and do some shopping at the Chinese supermarket

 Colburn Gym.  Not for me (I couldn't be more perfect), but work related

 Darlington hospital tapestry.  Once again, a work related trip.

 More from Darlington hospital (exciting stuff!)

 J.T's bar at Catterick

 The Parkmore hotel just outside Yarm.  The venue for some Moving and Handling training.

The Percy Arms pub in Newcastle, where l discovered their is a regimental get together each month for ex soldiers, who l got into conversation with.

Out and about recently.  It's all go around these parts.
Saying that, l'm of to see a Slade tribute band in Darlington on Saturday, and the Gravity film in 3D next week, so the excitement levels will be set to stun mode. 
I was meant to be going to see the film last night, but the weather was atrocious, so we ended up putting it off until next week, and hit The Wine Bar instead, then back home to annoy Mr Parrot.
A wise move.

toodle pip

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