Sunday, 8 September 2013

another night out in the boro

Mmmmmm   a new Indian we hadn't used before

Instructions for Kerry's injections

The joys of having Mr C - the house is a playroom

Went off again to Middlesbrough yesterday evening to see Robbo and Kerry (and Mr C!) as a kind of joint birthday do for me and Robbo.  There were a couple of disasters beforehand, as Robbo had to take Kerry to a private hospital for some cortisone injections in her back (she's now knocking on a bit), there was also some drama in the Boro with people that we are all close to that l won't go into, and l had to turn around half way towards their house as there had been some kind of a crash and the road was shut down.  We only had a quiet night anyway, with myself and Robbo heading to the Rudds in Marton (for the first time), getting some food from the Jolsha Indian Restaurant at Marton Square (also for the first time), and then returning to Nunthorpe to talk shite until Robbo fell asleep (not for the first time, and he's also knocking on).  I was impressed with the Ruds pub and the indian food (despite them forgetting a dish), but less impressed with the ageing process. Luckily l am now invincible and indestructible, and still look 21 (after many ales have been taken).
Nearly forgot, l bought Robbo an excellent book about Steve Ditko, which l managed to leave alone and not read beforehand prior to handing it over. Believe me, that took strength of character.  I'll have to nick it from him in the future when he is not paying attention.

toodle pip

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