Monday, 8 April 2013

margaret thatcher is dead - hurrah!

I have just heard on the BBC news that the ex Conservative prime minister, Margaret Thatcher has died.
Hurrah! And about bloody time!
It is a sad day for her family, but not for me. Far from it.
I despised the woman, her policies, her disregard for the working classes and society in general, her privatisation of the countries assets, the destruction of communities, and her lionisation by the blue haired, twin set, pearl wearing Tory hard line and right wing support.
No doubt there will be countless tributes stating how wonderful she was, but don't come here looking for any praise, and never mind 'don't speak ill of the dead'.
l'll happily celebrate her passing, and I will be raising a glass to the grim reaper this evening, that's for sure.
Thanxs to the rather wonderful 'Is Thatcher Dead Yet?' blog, there's a spotify playlist for any street parties.  Enjoy the moment.
Photo artwork by Dylan Jeavons

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