Monday, 15 April 2013

dave bartram from showaddywaddy (and stuart pearson)

When l was watching some old editions of Top of The Pops on You Tube (as you do), my curiosity was piqued as to how Dave Bartram, the large gobbed singer from Showaddywaddy who looked a bit like Stuart Pearson  (from Manchester United) was holding up nowadays.  Depending of course, on whether he was even still alive.  If you are interested, I'm glad to report that he is still kicking about, knocking out books by the look of it, and to my amazement, Showaddywaddy are still touring, and probably coming to a town near you this year (If you live in the UK).
Ah....A happy ending (and everybody loves them).
Showaddywaddy tour dates here.

toodle pip

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