Tuesday, 11 December 2012

books l read in egypt (#7) micromegas - voltaire

More top tales from the satirical Frenchman.  One of Voltaire's shorter tales, but once again, involving travel.  This time, it's of the science fiction kind, as two giants from other planets (Sirius and Saturn) come to Earth, and discover to their amazement that there is life below them in the shape of whales and mankind.  This is due to the fact that Micromegas (a banished heretic on his own planet) is 20,000 feet tall, so it is pretty difficult to see and hear them.  The other worldly giants make a hearing device to converse with the humans, who then argue philosophy, and explain the planet was made uniquely for mankind (much to the giants amusement).  Micromegas tells the humans he will write them a book explaining the point of life, but when they open it later, it is blank.  What a card!

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