Thursday, 23 August 2012

prince harry being an idiot (again)

So, Prince Harry has been getting into trouble again, this time it's for playing strip billiards at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas,  then having naked photographs taken of him with other guests.   My opinion is, If he wants to be a normal 27 year old soldier and get pissed and naked, then he should be allowed to do so.  After all, the press are always trying to stress what a normal lad he is nowadays.  On the other hand, he should do it with his own money, not the taxpayers, and he should relinquish his claims to be King.  If he is going to take money because he is in the Royal family and has power and responsibilities, then he should get his act together and behave in a manner befitting of someone in that position, as he then has a duty to the country and his subjects.  I'm sick of tales of him and his buddies getting pissed around the world (when he is not out partying in London), drinking expensive booze and staying in flash hotels.  Where did the money come from for this little jaunt?  It's between £4,000 and £5,000 a night to stay in the rooms he occupied at the Wyatt.  Who funded that?  Even if he got it for free, it's because of who is is, which brings me back to the responsibilities he has.  He is no longer the young tearaway who dressed as a Nazi, he is a grown man who should have more sense. Plus, where the hell was the security or advisers to prevent this sort of thing happening?  I wish all the sponging royal bastards would bugger off and stop taking the piss, but l have a feeling that won't be happening in the near future.  They know where their bread is buttered, but us poor idiotic peasants paying for it?  They're having a right old laugh at our expense, and no wonder the toffs look down their noses at us.  Time for a revolution brothers and sisters.  As you can see, the pictures of Harry naked are from TMZ.

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Anonymous said...

This is just typical of someone who won't live up to his age. Sadly is it all going to end in tears for him when he's caught out badly by someone who decides he's guitly of rape in the future,or is spiked with drugs and photographed in more compromising situations. He's in the past also experimented with drugs.