Friday, 13 July 2012

zig and zag with robin williams

I used to love Zig and Zag when they were on 'The Big Breakfast', and before that, on Irish TV. In fact I have framed newspaper front pages with them on to the left of my computer as l am typing this. I was sorting through crap in the spare room a couple of days ago (still trying to clean it up a bit) when l found a load of old Zig and Zag DVD's that were transferred from video back in the day (amongst loads of old music ones). Because l used to be a sad bastard (OK l'll admit it - l still am), l accumulated loads of appearances of theirs from about 1988 (or1989) until about 1994 or so. I was thinking of putting them up on a separate blog, or on a specific You Tube channel, but l see there are some already up by fellow nerds like myself. I will check them out to see how much is up, and decide if l can be bothered doing it myself, as the main reason for putting them up would be to preserve them on the net somewhere. In the meantime, here they are with Robin Williams, in a clip that was already up.

toodle pip

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