Friday, 20 July 2012

the word has ceased to be

The Word staff

 Richard Hawley in his local

 Seasick Steve in his mobile

 Marco Pirroni at home

Nick Cave emoting

The Word magazine, my favourite of them all, has ceased to be.  The magazine's last edition was the August one (which l managed to drop in the bath), and the website is no more. It was also the only magazine l have ever subscribed to.   Luckily the 'Massive' who frequented the website have started an alternate one, which is splendid, so l can now get me fix there.  I've changed the 'Word' link  (on the right hand side) to 'The Afterword' link, but if it doesn't work, try here.
The above photos are all by Muir Vidler, and are of the Word team, plus some shots he took for the Word itself (and his site has some interesting stuff).
Adios old chums, it's been a blast.

toodle pip

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