Tuesday, 10 July 2012

the mc5 and keith chegwin

My admiration and love for the rather wonderful MC5 is second to none, and here is a rare concert from the German TV programme Beat Club in 1972. It's a shame they where never that succesful, but my reasoning for this is that (much as l love him), Rob Tyner (the singer) looks like Keith Chegwin nowadays, but with a fright wig/afro on his ample bonce. Now l don't mind Cheggers, and he was very nice to someone l knew a while back (and, like me, he's from Bootle). He is not however, trying to front a band at the moment (although l'm sure he would do so if he got the right offer). Everyone knows the rule about singers - the fans have got to want to be them, or have sex with them. Rather sadly for Rob, even though l'm sure he would have got plenty of offers of sex (and drugs) because he was in a cool band, on a larger scale, he is not going to appeal to lots of the ladies out there, and blokes would rather be someone else (Heeeeeeeeeeellllllllloooo, Keith). It happens all the time with bands, but let's face it, they are in a popularity game, and the looks play a huge part in it. The flip side of this is pretty boy/girl bands who are popular due to their looks and marketing, but their records are shite.

If you don't believe Rob looks like Cheggers - check out his showreel and imagine him covered in sweat, with a tan and the wig. Oooooooohhhh.....sexy!

And don't forget......

Kick out the Jams motherfuckers!!!!!

toodle pip

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