Monday, 9 July 2012

driver's paltry road rage fine

This motorist (Scott Lomas) tried to knock a cyclist (Martin Porter) off his bike, and admitted he was trying to kill him when confronted.  Luckily Porter caught it all on his helmet camera, and the driver has been taken to court and fined. But only fined £250, which to me, as a sometimes cyclist, is a load of crap. If he had actually hit Porter and sent him flying, there is a possibility he could have killed or seriously injured him. He would also be the sort of person who would drive like this on a regular basis, but because there is no evidence, gets away with it. Don't get me wrong, l have broken the law many times when l have been driving, and if caught, l expect to be harshly punished. £250 is bugger all, and acts as no deterrent to anybody. Bloody horses in the road get on my nerves, and it drives me mad having to slow down and be careful to pass them, but l haven't started beeping my car horn and driving into them (yet). If it will only cost me £250, l might re-consider my options. Saying that, the judge (or magistrate) probably does not like cyclists himself (I assume it's a man), but would punish me more for upsetting the horse riding community of (mainly) posh bastards that will be part of his social set. Purely a speculation you understand, and we may indeed find out more in the near future.
The video and more information is here.

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