Monday, 9 July 2012

deadeye dick and look at the birdie - kurt vonnegut

Another one of the great Kurt Vonnegut's  book ticked off!  I've been loving them all, and 'Deadeye Dick' is no exception.
A 12 year old boy commits murder, his family are dysfunctional, there's some real history thrown in, and it gallops along at a cracking pace.
It's also about perception, isolation, guilt and and society, which makes it sound dull, but it's certainly not that.
Highly recommended (as most of his stuff is)

Look at the Birdie is a collection of  his unpublished short stories - also excellent. He sure knows how to grip a reader straight away, and then develop the story very quickly, wanting you to know more with every sentence. My favourite story was probably the one about the singing teacher who gets stalked by a pupil, as l really wasn't expecting the ending. I had lots of scenarios in my head, but he completely threw me on the last couple of pages. Bloody smartie pants.

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