Thursday, 12 July 2012

adam buxton - summertime blues video

Watching the new series 'Bug' by Adam Buxton (from Adam and Joe) this evening, myself and the FPO had tears of laughter streaming down our faces watching this video. Something about it (the idiot march/dance? The violence? The music and explosions?) certainly tickled our fancy (OOEER!).
As for 'Bug' itself, it started off slow, but got funnier as it went on. The You Tube comments were revealed at just the right speed, and there are catchphrases already in evidence if you can be bothered to take them up. Already looking forward to the next instalment, but it's a shame Adam and Joe don't do their radio show any more. Then again (as Echo and The Bunnymen sang) Nothing ever lasts forever. Adam's blog is here.

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