Saturday, 2 June 2012

meal at akebar for the birthday girl

It soon rolled round, but once again, it's the FPO's birthday weekend, and this year, we've been to Akebar for a meal with Louise, Dazzer, Lauren, Rookmeister, Deb, Kerry and Robbo. I promised l wouldn't put up any pictures of them, so the cakes and glasses will have to do.
It was a pretty limited selection of food that was available, but for those of us drinking, it helped that we had booze and fizzy to compensate, and l have a really long video of the occasion (which l will also not put up).
I was being an all round good lad (for a change) and had taken up flowers and a cake in advance, but l didn't know Dazzer had made one as well, so there was a feast of chocolate goodness for desert, and l will admit his was tastier.
Myself and the FPO got dropped off at White shops afterwards, where we had a few drinks in The Wine Bar and J.T's, but we were still home by about 8pm.
A splendid day for all the family.

toodle pip

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