Monday, 21 May 2012

the conspirator (2010) -robert redford

The Conspirator tells the true story of  Mary Surratt, the first woman to be hanged in America, for her involvement in the Abraham Lincoln assassination in 1865. Although there are the odd embellishments, it is a pretty accurate representation of what happened, and it was certainly interesting, as plenty of the source material (the actual transcripts, old photos etc) are available and easy to reference. I didn't realise this film had been recorded (it was at work), so it was a pleasant surprise stumbling accross it, and resulted in a pleasant, (albeit late to bed) night. Not an outstanding film by any stretch of the imagination, but l am glad l have seen it.
As a footnote, John Surratt, Mary's son who went missing, fled to Liverpool and hid there for a while, so my relatives may have met him. Unlikely l'll admit, but there is a chance.

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