Sunday, 15 April 2012

a busy week and the romanzo criminale series

It's been a long and busy week with no peace for the wicked, as l have been slaving away, including all over Easter, and attending to lots of other matters.
I've been to parties (photo's at a later date) and had way too many trips to hospitals. l was there all this morning (Sunday) and am going again tomorrow morning, and probably tomorrow evening as well.
In the meantime, Kelly is now 16, Dazzer is now 40, myself and the FPO are struggling onwards towards 20, and everyone is being taken ill with hip transplants, infections, heart trouble (not mine), amputations and blood loss. This is however, other people who are ill, as l am still indestructible.

The footie has been great and then bloody awful.
United beat QPR and then City got beaten by Arsenal, thus opening up an 8 point gap, but then United lost against Wigan. Sanity has been restored with a victory over Aston Villa today, and the lead is now 5 points with five games left.

At long last l have got around to watching the first series of Romanzo Criminale (one episode after another in one block) and am now cursing myself for leaving it so long, as l really enjoyed it.
A criminal gang start from a humble kidnapping, and end up running the Rome underworld - all based on a true story.
It's Italian, subtitled, violent, slow in parts, based in the 70's, but outrageously well done.
Of course the leaders start getting more messed up as the power (and drugs) go to their heads (especially the crazed Lebanese), but that's only to be expected. I'm sure l would go the same way (as Fleetwood Mac nearly sang).
Now l have to dig out the film version and get my grubby little paws on series two.
There's always something else to do - it's neverending.

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