Monday, 13 February 2012

still off work with a sprained ankle

The good news for me is that l am still off work, as the doctor has now signed me off for another week or so  due to my ankle still being bad (I'm now due back to work on the 25th Feb). Not so good news for the FPO, as she is now cursing everytime she leaves the house in the morning, leaving me asleep in the nice warm bed after being up till silly o'clock (no change there then). I can't even say she is cheerful when she comes in later, as l am usually sitting with my feet up watching a film or reading.
Also, regarding the technology problems, on the good news front, the washing machine and hoover are both fixed (although the washing machine cost £60), the kindle and web counter been sorted, and l have also repaired one of my ipods.
Results all round!!
Right - back to reading, music, TV and the internet.
Life is hard (for some).

toodle pip

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