Wednesday, 1 February 2012

satyricon (1969) - federico fellini

Wow, Fellini really goes to town on this film. Set in the time of Nero, Satyricon follows the exploits of  Encolpio (Martin Potter), his love for Gitone, and his travels and adventures throughout ancient Rome (including being involved in the death of a hermaphrodite with healing powers).
It's an outrageously gay film, and Fellini has taken a lot of liberties with the story, adding in scenes wherever he felt like. The colouring of the film, the strange characters, the surreal settings, the mad feast, and the weird story, make it seem like a hallucination or a disturbing dream, but that is no bad thing as far as l am concerned.
 The book by Petronius is vastly different (although l haven't read it for years), with many missing sections. These are the parts added by Fellini, and l think he did a good job it.
A very strange film indeed, but right up my street.
I knew l should have been gay.

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