Monday, 13 February 2012

outlaw blues (1977) - richard hefflon

The type of film that gives hippies a bad name. Outlaw Blues stars Peter Fonda as Bobby Ogden, a prisoner who has a song stolen by Garland Dupree, a visiting country star, who Ogden confronts when he gets bailed (from one of the softest looking prisons l have ever seen).
That is when the film starts getting even more stupid. An argument and scuffle ensure, whereupon Ogden accidentally shoots Dupree in the leg. All of this is captured by a video crew who just happen to be making a documentary at the time, and Ogden goes on the run. He ends up at the home of Tina, one of Dupree's backing singers (who had already taken a shine to him), and they persuade Dupree's manager to release Ogden's version of the song (to great acclaim and success), while Dupree is still in hospital (because Tina also turns out to be some kind of mastermind when it comes to publicity, promotion, and management).
Ogden bmanages to make plenty of public appearances at radio stations and record shops, and even sings before the start of an American football game, though the police are constantly trying to find and arrest him, becoming an anti-establishment hero in the process. There are plenty of chases, in cars, speedboats, and on motorbikes, but trust me on this, the film is crap. It's like a bad version of 'The Dukes OF Hazard', so try to imagine that if you can.
The 'Outlaw Blues' song itself is OK, but that's it.
I blame the drugs.

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