Tuesday, 7 February 2012

mean girls (2004) - mark waters

Lindsay Lohan stars as the new kid, but with a twist! - she's been home schooled and lived in Africa, so she has no experience of fitting in at school before (pity she never appeared at my school, as l'd have shown her what to do - phnaar).
Because this screenplay was by Tina Fey, l thought l would give it a go, despite my reservations about it being just another in a long line of American high school 'comedies' where someone tries to fit in, gets into 'capers', falls in love, and it all ends up fine in the end, after interaction with the jocks, the cool kids and the geeks.
I admit was wrong, as Mean Girls has 'a message' for the kids. Hey brothers and sisters, stop picking on each other (especially you girls), and try to be nicer, instead of just being judgemental and mean (hence the title).
Apart from that, it was just as l expected - crap.
Why do l punish myself watching this kind of rubbish? I'm usually pretty pessimistic about the outcome beforehand, my instincts are usually correct, and it's not like l'm getting any younger.
I've forgotten who's quote it was, (and l certainly can't be bothered looking it up), but it's 'the definition of a madman is someone who repeats the same process, but expects the results to be different' (or something like that).
I guess that's me - l am just waaaaaaaaaaay to stupid (or just a madman).

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