Tuesday, 21 February 2012

into the wild (2007) - sean penn

The real McCAndless shortly before his death

Into The Wild is based on the true story of  Christopher McCandless,  who gave away all of his (from his parents) money, travelled around a bit,  then went to Alaska, where he found an abandoned bus, used it as his base, and lived out in the wild, away from society, and being at one with nature, in all it's wondrous glory (hence the title). Bloody hippie. Although the story itself is good (based on the book by Jon Krakauer), l couldn't relate to McCandless as a person (played by Emile Hirsch), as he just came across as a spoilt git who wanted to make a name for himself, by self mythologising himself everywhere he went. Apparently, he touched people (not in that way) he met along his travels, with one old fellow even wanting to adopt him. If l had met him though, l'd have given him a slap and sent him on his way, as he was just irritating. He eventually starves after eating poisoned berries (although non were found in his body afterwards), as he had been unable to cross the river back to civilisation, even though there is a crossing less than half a mile away from where he was, which shows how much he must have explored the area. Pretty much everything about him got on my nerves. Even when he sent his money away, he put a note in to say it was all of his savings, and made sure he told people about it when he met them. Pah!  He should have sent it to me if he didn't want it, stopped whining, and at least let his sister know he was safe now and again. Still, that's one less spoilt middle/upper class git to be dealing with, so it's not all bad.
The music by Eddie Vedder was excellent, and there was also a rendition of 'Angel from Montgomery', so that at least helped me tolerate the film. What a disappointment.

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