Thursday, 9 February 2012

bananas (1971) - woody allen

One of the classic early Woody Allen films, Bananas has Woody (as Fielding Mellish) falling for Nancy (Louise Lasser), losing her, and then going on holiday to San Marcos to get over it.
Unfortunately, he is set up to be killed as a patsy, but escapes and joins a gang of rebels, becoming their leader (as the old one let power go to his head).
He comes back to the USA, where he is recognised, put on trial, but still gets the girl in the end.
Some classic dialogue and physical comedy, but l preferred watching it years ago, when it still seemed fresh, not as it is now (dated).
Nowadays l prefer the 'Annie Hall' type films of his, but l would still rather watch this than most of what passes for American 'comedies' these days.
And yes, it did feature a young Sylvester Stallone bullying Woody on the subway.

toodle pip.

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