Thursday, 2 February 2012

baby time in the boro and the state of kfc

The small bladdered fool had to visit the toilet

The mother (Kerry) has left the ward. 

Went to James Cook with the FPO yesterday evening to see Robbo, Kerry and the no longer little Jamie (but still little, Ciaran). There was some hassle getting there, as the A66 was closed, so after a long detour around Darlington and up the A1, it was past visiting time to see the baby. Luckily Kerry went with along with Mandy pushing her wheelchair, so a disaster was avoided, as they both managed to get in. Meanwhile, myself and Robbo went for a man to man chat about the changing ways of the world, and the great responsibility now bestowed upon him (a bit like Spider-man).
We're saving the champers until the Manchester United v Chelsea game on Sunday, as we're going up to their place to watch it.
Decided against a KFC on the way home, as the place looked so grotty, and they were taking ages to serve.
Why is that often the case? It must be advantageous to them if they hired extra staff to work or clean up, as it would encourage more custom and profits. I love KFC food, but the outlets do not compete with the cleanliness of a McDonald's, and they are certainly making loads of money (and l don't even like burgers).
Colonel (or his modern day counterpart) - get it sorted, as l had to settle for some Morrisons fajitas instead.

toodle pip

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