Wednesday, 8 February 2012

antony sher - primo (2005) - richard wilson

 Victims in the concentration camps

 Antony Sher

Primo Levi

It's all joy and happiness around this house while l have been off work, as l am not back into work now until the 14th Feb. Hurrah!
On the other hand, after all the Auschwitz stuff in Maus and Metamaus l have just read, l have also re-watched Antony Sher in 'Primo', which is film of his one man play about Primo Levi's time in Aucshwitz, based on Primo's book 'If this is a man'.
One of the main things l like about Levi, is that he went into the camp as an unbeliever, and stayed true to his beliefs, although it must have been tempting to wish for some kind of consolation in faith. To stay true to yourself in such abysmal circumstances, must take fortitude and inner strength of the highest kind, as he says himself of Lorenzo Perrone, who shared some of his rations and gave Levi some clothes, thus saving Levi's life, and remaining as a man, while the Germans tried to dehumanise them all.
Sheer is fantastic in the role, and is totally believable on stage, even though he only uses minimal props (a chair) plus some lighting and music, to get the story across. He certainly gives a master class in how to act, and makes you despair at the idea that you could ever do the same, as the gravitas he projects, albeit in a controlled and calculated way, is unbelievable. Git.
There's also a possibility myself and the FPO may visit Auschwitz later this year, as we are thinking about going to Poland for a short break. More fun and laughter on the horizon to look forward to.

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