Friday, 27 January 2012

anti aging mouthpiece from japan

I'll have to but the FPO some of these. An anti aging mouthpiece from Japan.

The promo says

'This easy-to-use beauty and skincare product was developed by an ordinary housewife. Chikako Hirama was simply concerned about her own age and wanted an easy way to combat those telltale lines. Just try the yellow or pink Pupeko daily using such techniques as puffing out your cheeks or sucking them in while breathing through the mouthpiece. Then you can try it while keeping your head upright to give your neck and other muscles further exercise training'.

It can work on so many levels. It looks dirty, it might keep her quiet for a while, and it helps her look younger.
A result on all levels! Hurrah!!!
Look here.

toodle pip

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