Wednesday, 2 November 2011

four lions - (2010 ) - chris morris

I bow down to no man in my admiration for Chris Morris (The Day Today, Brass Eye etc), and as he was behind Four Lions, and because of the dodgy subject matter (suicide bombers in the UK), l was really keen to see this. It was actually on TV whilst l was away on holiday, but l didn't want to watch it then because drink had been taken and we had just missed the beginning, so l though l would do it justice when l returned to my sunny homeland. I own DVD's of Brass Eye and The Day Today. I have his radio shows on disc and tapes. I even went out of my way to order this film by post to watch at home. But.......I wish l hadn't bothered, as it was such a disappointment. I will admit it was watchable, but there was nothing that funny, shocking or interesting l could see in it, and l watched it twice to give it a proper chance, thinking maybe it was just me, not being in the right frame of mind or something. The FPO managed half of the first showing, and also thought it was rubbish (and it's not often she is right). I won't bore you with all the details of the film, but l do think the idea was great, the casting was fine, but the (supposed) humour in the film was really basic, obvious and just not that good. Damn and thunder!!!!!! Morris! - Try harder next time. Now go and sit in the corner, you've let me down, the FPO down, your fans down, but most of all, you've let yourself down (actually, that's not true - most of all, you let me down).

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