Monday, 12 September 2011

chris and hilary's wedding

Travelled back up to Newcastle on Saturday as it was Chris and Hilary's wedding day (on my birthday and wedding anniversary as well!). Managed to go to Forbidden planet beforehand, looking for decent books and t shirts, and went back to our hotel for the Manchester United win at Bolton (5-0!). Off to The Baltic for the evening do/BBQ and saw the Millennium bridge being opened, which was the first time l had witnessed it. Pretty damn impressive l must say. There was a band on and most people hit the booze (apart from the pregnant ladies), so everyone enjoyed themselves, although mentioning no names, they paid for it in the morning (OK, l've crumbled, that would be The FPO). The Quayside at Newcastle and Gateshead (plus Newcastle centre itself) has certainly had a lot of money pumped into it over the last few years, and has completely changed from when l used to frequent the place years ago. It certainly all looks flash and l know it has made the place more upmarket, but it is still a shame some of the old places had to go, such as The Haymarket and Broken Doll pubs. I drove back as The FPO was still too ill, then had a relaxing day watching recordings of football and The Sunday Supplement, while she quietly suffered, Bliss.

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