Friday, 29 July 2011

bloody grass cutting

The before picture of the garden

The after picture

Another after picture

The overgrown rabbit run

Tubbs, the idiot rabbit, taking shelter in the run

After a hard days slog at work (OK, a pretty easy day), l returned home and carried on slaving away (putting in the hours) by cutting the bloody grass, which has been growing quite a bit while l have been otherwise engaged. I did think about putting it off, but no-one else was going to do it, and l would have been cursing even more if l allowed it to get longer, so l cracked on, cursing and a sweating as l did so. Thankfully, the worst is now over, and as l am off work until next Wednesday afternoon, l will be praying for some sun at the start of next week ( a fat lot of good that will do me). I am off on a stag do in Newcastle tomorrow, so it had better not be a scorcher until l return home (probably on Sunday evening). British bloody summers... Never mind..soon be in Portugal!

toodle pip

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