Tuesday, 28 June 2011

some recent films l've seen - all quiet on the western front (1930)

Based on the Erich Maria Remarque novel, l prefer this adaptation to the later (1979) film with John Boy ( Richard Thomas) from the Waltons, even if this one is very dated. A German schoolteacher encourages his class to do their duty for The Fatherland in World War I, but they soon get to experience the horrors of war. Lew Ayres stars as Paul Baumer, the lads unofficial leader, (as they all look up to him), but when he gets injured and returns home, he is disgusted that people are still glorifying the war. He even contradicts his old schoolteacher in front of his class, much to their displeasure. The film also rams the point home about how men should just get along and help each other, how we are all the same, and how futile the conflicts are, but cracks along, and is finished in no time (to me anyway). Superb.

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