Monday, 6 June 2011

call the cops - l'm being snatched

When l was a little toddler, we moved to Kenya for a bit. Now l don't remember anything from that time as l am an old and simple man, but looking at this photograph of me that has recently turned up, l was struck by a strange thought (no surprise there), which was....
'Who the hell is the woman in the photo?' l really have no idea at all, it's certainly not a relative.
l clearly look happy enough - maybe she was trying to rescue me but eventually got caught. lt takes me back to the time l went with my father to the dentist to get a tooth removed. l was given gas and therefore unconscious during the procedure. When l woke up (in agony with my mouth filling with blood), the dentist said "Here's your father to take you home". Only one problem. It was not my father as he had buggered off to the pub and got a mate to pick me up and take me home. l did say "That's not my father" (as l didn't even know who the bloke was), but as l had just come round from the anaesthetic, l was ignored by the dentist and sent on my (confused) way. So much for child protection, it's lucky he was a mate of my dad, who did meet us outside (the drunken git).

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