Thursday, 21 March 2019

how brexit is panning out

How the sides are arguing in the Brexit votes and negotiations.
No solution is on the horizon.

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recent trips to the theatre

Some recent trips to the theatre - Darlington Hippodrome to be precise. 
The Travelling Wilburys was pretty good, but the worst one of them was 'Bob Dylan', the person l wanted to see the most. However, it was pretty surreal, and had many moving moments, especially watching 'George Harrison' singing My Sweet Lord. I must be getting sadder in my old age (if that's possible).
As for Aladdin - it was just what you would expect from such a show, some moments of hilarity, nothing particularly outstanding, but everyone went away happy, so job done.
I think the next visit there will be for The Meat Loaf Story, even if l will probably be hassled for autographs.
Stone me - what a life.

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are you straight?

Are you Straight? These people certainly are!

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mr parrot wants attention

This is what my view of the TV is often like when a certain Mr Parrot wants attention (Which is quite often).
Good job l love the scruffy little boy.
By the way, he's on my knee, not really huge.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

some favourite spider-man covers and stories

Here's some of my favourite Spider-Man comic front covers, the first three especially have magnificent, heartbreaking stories inside, and are well worth checking out, even for freakish people that are not into comics. The first two cover the death of Gwen Stacey, and the third one has the death of (spoiler alert!!) Peter Parker /  Spider-Man's aunt Mary. The last two feature the artwork of Todd McFarlane, who revolutionised the franchise when it was getting stale in the 1980's.
As a side note, the comics are so good, it pisses me off when the films don't stick to them, as it's such a no brainer to follow the stories that have already proven to be so successful. Bastards!
Get reprints though, or read them online, as they are getting pretty expensive these days.

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will self stares down Mark Francois

Will Self can certainly be pompous, but his spat with the Conservative MP Mark Francois (a twat) on BBC's Politics Live highlighted what is one of the worst thing about some politicians (and some people). Francois does not listen to Will Self's statement properly and fails to grasp what Will Self has said, and then keeps demanding an apology (on behalf of others), despite the statement being explained again, and Francois still not understanding, clinging to his Syllogistic fallacy. Obviously Will Self knew he could lick Francois intellectually, and you can see the great delight he takes in doing so, at the same time exposing his opponents self righteousness. As for the stare off at the end, l thought Francois was going to crumble and go for him (after all - he's been in the T.A!!).
I'd love to see what was said between them at the end of the filming.

Here's the full show from Donald TV on Youtube - it kicks off  40.30 minutes in.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

snoopy lives his life the way l do

This is my attitude to life . Despite all the crap that is going on, has already happened, or may happen sometime soon, it's not worth worrying about, so enjoy it!
I used to love reading the Charlie Brown / Peanuts books when l was a kid (obviously l still have my old books), so maybe this is where l got my attitude from.

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Saturday, 9 March 2019

oswald mosley injured in liverpool - what joy!

I know it happened elsewhere as well as Liverpool, but l'm always pleased when fascist organisations get their comeuppance.
When Oswald Mosley was leader of the Blackshirted British Union of Fascists party in England, he came to Liverpool on 10th December 1937 and tried to address a crowd to gain support for his party. He was prevented from doing so by hundreds of people throwing rocks, at least one of which resulted in him having an unplanned visit to the nearby Walton hospital for treatment (where l was born).
I usually preach non violence, but you've always got to be on the lookout for people like him, so I'm prepared to make the odd exception.
More information about the episode can be found here (and here)
Makes me proud to be a Scouser.

Here he is being taken to the hospital

After treatment in Walton. 
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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the lost bob dylan cds

After erecting (fnaar) some new shelves in the spare room to house a load of CDs and tidy the place up a bit, l realised l was missing a substantial amount by Bob Dylan.  I would normally assume my brother nicked them when staying over, but he's not a fan of his Bobness. It took me ages to locate them amongst all my other crap, but luckily l did, as  I'm pleased to report there's plenty of gems amongst them.
Yes l do realise l have too many and l will never get around to playing them all again before l die, but l like having them as pieces of art as well, and they are there when l do want to play them.
I just need a bigger house, and l don't need reminding l'm a sad git.
The shelves look pretty good as well!

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the car and conker connection

I had to drop off my car recently for some minor work at a local garage, and rather than get up early to do so (as l stay up pretty damn late), l drove it down to the garage at about 6am, put the car keys through the garage letter box, and then walked home (and didn't bother going to bed). The conkers had fallen from some trees on the way back, and as l have been told they deter spiders, l picked them up to put on my window ledges to keep the eight legged bastards out.
Let's hope they work.

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blair witch comes to richmond woods

I was up to no good around Richmond woods, and came across these rather unusual objects attached to a tree. What for - l've no idea, but some of the locals around these parts have certainly been inbred, so nothing would surprise me. Perhaps it's just a lovely signpost for a dogging site. Purely for research, I'll check it out again at 3am and get back to you.

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a panda says - don't do drugs

I've taken quite a few drugs in the past but none have ever affected me in this way. I think l need to sue my dealer as the git was obviously short changing me and selling me below par merchandise. If only l knew where there was an ex lawyer who may be a bit dodgy and do stuff on the side......

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

the aliens - the happy song

A perfect time to stick this old favourite up again.
The Aliens - 'The Happy Song'

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

ole ole ole ole - eric cantona is so 'appy

What a result for Manchester United!  Plus a pretty accurate prediction from Charles M Schulz and the Peanuts crew. Linus would have loved to be in my shoes after that game.
3-1 away from home against Paris Saint Germain!! Through to the Quarter finals!!!!
A dodgy penalty at the end, but l'll take the win any day. To say l'm outrageously happy at the moment would be an understatement.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for manager and president, and Mauricio Pochettino can bugger off to rescue PSG.
Thank fuckity fuck Jose Mourinho got told to fuck off and take his black cloud of misery with him.

Eric Cantona can have the last word - filmed after the game.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

britain's oldest man - henry jenkins

Apparently Britain's oldest man, Henry Jenkins lived and died near where l live, and is buried at St Mary's Church, Bolton on Swale. If you believe the stories, he lived to be 169.
I don't. However, it's worth a visit if you're in the area.

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Sunday, 3 March 2019

book reading is beneficial

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expanding heart illusion

I'm a sucker for good illusions, and this one would be great if it could be printed onto a t-shirt correctly. A (supposedly)  expanding heart.

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liverpool / bootle docks photograph from 1946 and a bootle map from 1935

An excellent photograph of Liverpool docks / Bootle, taken in 1946 (Before even l was born).
It's changed a bit from then, although gentrification and Liverpool's upscaling still has to reach or impact much of this area. It's still pretty poor, but it was what l called (and still consider to be) home, despite now having another home in Sunny Catterick.

Here's a map of Bootle in 1935 to augment it. My childhood home is there for all to see (If you know where to look)

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august friedrich schenke and mackenzie thorpe's sheep

Mackenzie Thorpe has created many paintings of sheep in his distinctive style, is pretty local (Middlesbrough) and has a gallery in Richmond, North Yorkshire, not far from my home. Even my local pub has some paintings of his, and l do like them.
However, although it's obviously completely different, August Friedrich Schenck's 'Anguish' is my favourite sheep painting, a rather harrowing and distressed sheep / ewe bleating and pining for what one assumes is it's dead calf, surrounded by crows.
I wouldn't want it displayed at home, and l understand humans anthropomorphize, especially with animals, but l think it's captured the extreme emotion perfectly.

To lighten the mood after that, here's some by Mr Thorpe

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the 1927 jasper tornado on lp covers

It was only recently that it was pointed out to me on another blog or tweet (I can't remember where), that the photograph of the 1927 Jasper Tornado, taken by Lucille Handberg and on one of my favourite albums, Deep Purple's Stormbringer, was the same one on used on Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, plus Siouxsie and The Banshees Tinderbox. It's blown my mind, as l'd never noticed before, and l have been looking at the Deep Purple and Miles Davis albums for years.
Sometimes l amaze myself at how stupid l can be.
Below is the famous photograph, captured 8th July 1927 in Jasper, Minnesota, plus drawings of the other two photographs she took before and after. There's also an article from The Milwaukee Sentinel about it, plus the album covers mentioned.
More information about the tornado and the photographs can be found here (and also here).
A large blow up of the news story in The Milwaukee Sentinel can be found here

Here's something from the albums

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