Sunday, 19 November 2017

orchestral removers / manoeuvres in the dark

Here's Andy McCluskey from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, holding up a newspaper that has a punning headline referring to his band after a robbery in  a local music shop.
He was obviously amused.

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wes goodman talks crap

This is the sort of story you couldn't make up, and makes me think there may be a God after all. Wes Goodman, an Ohio senator, who has been preaching family values and voting against LGBT rights, has been caught having sex with a man in his office.
Superb! He's even let his own name down.
No wonder l'm so cynical.

More here.

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

bruce springsteen bargain box set

If you are a fan of Bruce Springsteen, as any person of sound mind should be, this CD collection is a box set motherload.
It arrived yesterday, and l've been ploughing through it today - 15 discs worth of 5 complete 1978 shows, which have all  been heavily bootlegged over the years, but now yours for a bargain £13.99!!!
I'm in Brooocie overload at the moment, as l have also nearly finished reading his 'Born to Run' autobiography.
Marvellous stuff!
Look here

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another dodgy cartoon

Come on!
Whoever designed this must have been having a laugh.

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when l was a runner

It's hard to believe now, but back in the day, as a way of keeping fit for football, l used to do a lot of running.
Some of the evidence for this l have just dug out of an old box in the garage that l thought had 78rpm singles in. I've still got some old medals and t-shirts from those days, but the chances of the t-shirts fitting me now are zero!

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this cartoon looks wrong!

Ah - What a sweet cartoon, featuring a couple of lovely interracial kids and a dog.
Hold on though.............

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

my indestructible car passes another mot

Excellent result today as my car sailed through it's M.O.T, just needing a bulb and a wiper replacing. Total cost - £54.33 (including tax).
Like me, it's old but indestructible!

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

waiting around to die - townes van zant

This is still one of the most moving films l've seen about music and the effect it has on people. Featuring the Magnificent Townes Van Zandt and 'Waiting around to die'.
Every time l have watched it, l've had a tear in my eye.
The song starts at about 5m in, but to get the whole emotional aspect of the clip, watch it from the beginning. Look for the reaction of the black guy when Townes starts singing. That's emotion.
This is the sort of music that makes you believe in a higher power - of creativity within the human mind..
Made more relevant and poignant by Townes himself being someone who died from being an alcoholic

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

earth from cassini

So, Cassini has perished, but has still left us with (amongst many other things) a mind boggling photograph of Earth from Saturn.
Plus,  l never tire of videos showing how insignificant and irrelevant we are in the universe. That's not morbid, just factual and reassuring. Makes it much easier to try and enjoy life without harming anyone else, and not be worried about an afterlife of any kind.
Just sweet oblivion - but hopefully not for a while.

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upside down mural in lithuania

This is impressive - an upside down mural in lithuania which when reflected in the water, looks fantastic (and very weird).

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dairy milk advert

I know l've got a cynical and dirty mind, but Dairy Milk are taking the piss here.

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riding a bike by balancing on the handlebar

Something l have never seen before - riding a bike by balancing on the handlebar.
Colour me impressed.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

spartak moscow versus nk maribor flare

I've seen plenty of flares at football grounds in the past, and on BT Sport tonight, they thought someone must have been one hell of a thrower to reach the centre circle with one during the Champions League game between Spartak Moscow and NK Maribor. However, it was fired from the crowd - something l've certainly never witnessed before. Newspapers are saying they aimed it at the referee, but it could have just been fired at the pitch. Either way, it was travelling at some speed, and bans or fines must be pretty certain to follow. However, it's UEFA that will get involved, so anything could happen.
The World Cup finals in Russia next year should be interesting.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

lloyd grossman parody on reeves and mortimer

When l was out at the weekend, myself and Robbo were chatting about this old comedy clip, from Reeves and Mortimer, parodying Lloyd Grossman. When it was first shown, we had both cried with laughter, despite the fact that we watched it separately, and only found out the next time we met that we both found it so hilarious. Obviously we have the same sense of surreal humour, and it is not so funny to me know, as l have seen it many times, but when l first saw it, was one of the funniest moments of my life.
I think l need to get out more.

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paying on the door at gigs - newcastle mayfair

Back in the day before it became really fashionable for people to go to concerts and festivals, you used to be able to turn up at most gigs and get in that evening, as evidenced here by a flier for Newcastle Mayfair. Cheaper before 10pm, slightly more afterwards. Also very cheap, which is why l went to so many gigs and festivals over the years.
As for the flier, I went to five of these advertised shows, including AC/DC and Motorhead on consecutive nights, without ever having an advance ticket.
Progress! Pah!!!
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owl butterflies

These are owl butterflies, found in Mexico and South America.
Never mind being scared of spiders, I think l would crap my pants if l saw these lurking in the trees while l was walking home from the pub.
They're big buggers as well.

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the teletubbies have aged a bit

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possibly the saddest photograph ever

Hopefully the person recovered and these were then binned. If not, it's one of the saddest photographs around.
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Monday, 4 September 2017

the broken doll - a documentary

An old documentary on The Broken Doll pub in Newcastle, which was knocked down to expand the road system.
I spent many a happy hour in there over the years, and it's crappy the way the old alternative type pubs in Newcastle end up getting demolished.
My favourite was The Haymarket, but that went years ago.
Pah! - Bloody progress and gentrification.

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two weeks off!

Hurrah!  I've got a couple of weeks off with bugger all to do.
 This will be me and Mr Parrot at the end of them.

                                                          It's actually Charles Bukowski

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football - game of the gods

Two examples of how football is so much better than rugby, and takes a lot more skill. 
Pele doing an overhead / bicycle kick, and George Best demonstrating his speed and balance.

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mark renton gets sentenced

There was me thinking that Trainspotting was a film, when it appears to have been a documentary.
Mark Renton has just been done in Edinburgh for selling drugs. More about the sentencing  and case can be found here

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

more noise! - cnn, xc-nn and tin star

I was going to start this with CNN's single version of 'Looking Forward', but couldn't find it on youtube, so the later XC-NN (CNN had to change their name) version will have to do. Don't worry - it's still great.
When they split, the singer, Dave Tomlinson went on to form Tin Star, another sadly overlooked band.
He's still gigging and recording these days, but both of these early bands should have been massive.
Obviously, as a saddo, l have all of their stuff.

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nine inch nails at panorama nyc 2017

I might be knocking on a bit, but l still love a decent racket when it comes to music, and l still love Nine Inch Nails.
I've been listening to this show while waiting for the football to start. Marvellous stuff.
Live at New York's Panorama concert in 2017

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This just amused me with an unexpected ending

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

spoils of a good night

The sign of a good night out.
I came home with these last night, a black wig and a mask, after Kelly and Danny's do at Romanby golf club.
I think Karen must have nabbed the false boobs.

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paide own goal from kick off

This must be a one  off.
Paide, an Estonian team, manage to score an own goal straight from kick off, without the opposition team (Levadia) even touching the ball.

I'll say it again - football's back!!!
Hurrah again!!!

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

football's back!

Hurrah!!!!  Football is back! It may not be the same game that l fell in love with years ago, but what a cracking start to the season. 
Thirteen goals in the first two games (Arsenal 4-3  Leicester, and Watford 3-3 Liverpool), and now Huddersfield are top of the league!
It's like a return to the 1920's.
Make the most of it while it lasts.

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rainbow at donington 1980

Many, many moons ago, when l was till a young whipper snapper, myself and a friend hitch hiked to the first 'Monsters of Rock'. festival at Castle Donington, to see the then mighty Rainbow (plus guests).
It was very wet and muddy at the festival, we survived to tell the tale, and l think l have still got my t-shirt stashed away somewhere. I've definitely still got the badge.
We used to see Rainbow on a regular basis at the time, the highlight being a trip (also hitch hiking) to Leicester, which was a brilliant gig, but also the most crowded venue l have ever been in. People could easily have died, but obviously we didn't (It helps that l'm indestructible). My friend had give up and struggle to go to the back of the hall for a rest, drink and recovery. Looking back after Hillsborough, it's amazing there weren't more casualties.
Anyway, Donington. A mere 37 long, long years ago this weekend (aprox).

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liverpool trip

Desperate for things to do to entertain ourselves without football, Robbo and myself had a trip to Liverpool last week while the rest of his family were away. There was nothing planned apart from going out and having a fun packed night, and we certainly managed that, ending up in Heaven (a gay nightclub) until about 5am. We also went to The Pacific pub in Bootle before town, arranged and met up with a couple of Robbo's relatives later on in town who were also from Bootle (and who stayed out with us till about midnight), and had a drive out to Bootle beach (Crosby) in the morning after some brekkie.
Then we got sidetracked on the way home because the road to Hawes had just been closed due to an accident, so had to come back the long way. 
A most excellent time was had by all, but not as excellent as the fellow in the bottom news report.
Now that's a wild night!

 View from our bedroom window

 Our hotel - we would recommend it

Where we got a lot of attention from men and women - dingy and superb!

 'Bootle' beach

 Our journey home in black, red route was the anticipated one

Now that's how to have a good time!

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

the marshall tucker band, primal scream, and howlin' wolf

I was listening to a bit of The Marshall Tucker Band today (as you do), and something started bugging me about their song 'Can't you see'.  I knew it reminded me of another song, and then it dawned on me - it's Primal Scream's 'Loaded'. The laid back groove and guitar solo are pretty damn similar, at least to my dusty old ears, and l should know - l was at the Primal Scream concert in the video.
Check them out.

The Primal Scream track also gives me an excuse to feature this again - Howlin' Wolf - 'If l were a Bird'. Another track that has 'Influence' written all over it.
From his 'Message to the Young' album.

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fergus beeley tries a citizen's arrest

This is Fergus Beeley, an ex BBC producer (Life on Earth etc). The second clip is the best attempted 'Citizens Arrest' l have ever seen.
Methinks a new Basil Fawlty series awaits him.
Fucking aggressive dickhead. If he's like that to a family out in the open, imagine what he'd be like loosing his temper at home.

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Saturday, 22 July 2017


Had to call in at Northallerton a couple of days ago, so I took the opportunity to stock up on some cheese. Pickled onions and cream crackers already purchased and waiting.

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donkey trouble

I know we are talking about a disability here, and the runner is blind, but come on! If this isn't funny, what is?
Copied from Channel 4's 'The Last Leg' 

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Saturday, 27 May 2017

michael fallon talks shite

As usual, the Tory's talk shite.
This time it's Michael Fallon looking for any excuse to slag of Jeremy Corbyn, including getting it wrong when he rubbishes Boris Johnson's views, and refusing to accept that Corbyn may agree with some of his own views.
VOTE LABOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

big game animals get revenge in zimbabwe

It's always pleasing when Karma  strikes in the way you would have wished for.
Theunis Botha recruited and took people on hunting trips for big game. He was apparently hunting elephants in Zimbabwe when some of them panicked, one picked him up, was shot at, and then killed Botha by falling on him.
Sad news indeed for his wife and family, but if more of these instances took place, and more hunters and guides were killed, perhaps there would be less photographs of hunters astride or next to the dead animals they have so 'bravely' killed using their high powered long rang rifles, after the likes of Botha and his dogs have scared the animals and chased them towards the hunters.
Bunch of bastards all of them, and it's about time the animals got some revenge.
He knew the risks, and l have no sympathy for him. Pity more of the hunters weren't taken out at the same time.
More on the story here.

One less hunter

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

ready for the election run up with frank sinatra and high hopes

My new t-shirt arrived yesterday, so l'm ready for the election run up. Rather sadly, l may have to get as much wear as l can out of it before then, as it may be a bit redundant afterwards.
Still - like that little ant and the rubber tree, l've got high hopes!
More are available here.

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alabama 3 at stockton

Forgot to mention that myself and some mates went to see Alabama 3 a couple of weeks ago, and we all thought they were one of the best bands we had seen.
It may have had to do with the fact that  we were right down the front at a small club with the full band experience, plus we had been out all day (it got a bit 'messy'), but it was magnificent.
A video can never recapture the experience, but go and see if them if you get the chance.
Here they are live in Sydney.

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mr parrot dances to the new york dolls and my flip video is back!

It's been nearly three years since l lost my flip video machine, but yesterday, l found it. I actually lost one of my mobile phones yesterday, so rang the number, to discover it had fallen down the back of the settee. Now when you feel down there, after a certain bit it feels like anything down there would fall onto the floor, but l discovered there is another sheet which traps things, such as my phone, and, after searching around some more, my flip video. Hurrah!
I knew l hadn't thrown it out and it must be somewhere l hadn't thought of (I'd already searched down the back of the settee), but it had been driving me mad / madder.
It's now charged up again, and this was the last thing filmed on it.  Mr Parrot getting exited when l put on The New York Dolls. Sadly, he stops when l start filming him.
He's a parrot with taste.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

unknown autographs from test cricket?

As well as the mountains of personal junk that l have accumulated over the years, due to being a sad bastard, l have also bought extra bits and pieces. Today l discovered these in the pages of a magazine. Two tickets for England test matches in 1980 and 1985 (in fact there are two pairs of tickets), plus a cardboard sheet with two pages of autographs. 
Now l know nothing about cricket (and care less about it), and these were not mine, but l am curious as to where the autographs are from, and who they are.
On the other hand, l also can't be bothered searching that much. l've got things to do, fish to fry, and life's too short.

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