Friday, 2 March 2018

the washing machine is fixed!

After my post on Feb 15th about breaking the door of the new washing machine, l purchased a replacement part from ebay (below), and managed to dismantle the door and fit the new catch myself - with no instructions. Looks as though it would be easy, but it took a while, and was trickier than expected, trying to get my small rod into the hole (fnaaaar!!).
Works like a dream now, but l have had to throw away the chopstick l was using to open the broken door, as it snapped in half while trying to do so.
It was a decent one with patterns that l have had for years so it is a bit of a shame, but being a sad bastard, l will keep the remaining one as a souvenir.
Just what l need, more bleeding junk / interesting items around the house.

toodle pip

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