Sunday, 19 February 2017

sasha and john hartson, plus john and nobby stiles

Two scary looking fellows you don't want to meet in a dark alley late at night.
It's Sasha, one of my mates who l've played football with on numerous times over the years, with John Hartson, after last weeks 'Gentlemans Evening' at Catterick / Colburn's 'Hanson Sport and Social Club' (or, as we still call it, 'The Arc'). A splendid evening for all, which also featured Nobby Stiles' son (John) in his role as compere and stand up comedian, and who was much, much better than l was expecting, although, as he said himself, nobody remembers him playing for Leeds United, it's always as Nobby's son.
Mind you, Nobby did play for Manchester United and England, and is one of the few English players to have won both the European Cup (in 1968) and World Cup (in 1966).
Sadly, Nobby has had dementia and very poor health for a while, as aging and illnesses are bastards, but l hope he and his family are not suffering.
Here's John and Nobby

And here's Nobby at a charity match in 1968, pre owning the 'Spud' look that was later used in Trainspotting. He may not look it from the photograph, but he was one mean, hard player.

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