Tuesday, 8 November 2016

my right wing fascist hitler collection

You always feel as though you are backing yourself into a corner if you start of a sentence with "I'm not a right wing Hitler supporting fascist", but......
As a collector / hoarder of all things interesting, l seem to have accumulated a fair amount of Hitler / pre World War 11 German stamps, plus a couple of postcards that have been checked by the Nazi censorship department.
None of it is really worth anything, and l am as left wing as you can possibly get, but l may have to keep tabs on some of the stuff l bid for in the future, or l will start to get a reputation that l don't want (the one l have already is bad enough).
Haven't got a clue what has been written in the postcards, but they are to and from the same people in Amsterdam and Zurich.

toodle pip

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