Thursday, 21 July 2016

spot the odd chair

I accompanied someone to Northallerton's Friarage Hospital the other day, and had to wait for a while before seeing the consultant.
The waiting room was awash with matching blue chairs, except for this stand alone beauty, which l assume must have been donated by some kindly soul. The picture doesn't do justice to how much it stood out amongst the other chairs, but in a way, aren't we all red chairs trying to fit in with, influence, or make our mark on the rest of a conservative society, pointlessly screaming into the onrushing and all encompassing storm? In a similar vein, the red chair could represent Labour against the blue of the Conservatives, and the waiting room the limbo of the undecided and uncertain policies of our modern times, waiting to experience the Brexit aftermath, and the outcome of the possible unraveling of the currently flailing Labour party, but that just shows what mad thoughts can enter your head when there is bugger all to do but wait and think.
I think l maybe took too much acid when l was younger, and l have issues.
Time for a lie down..

toodle pip

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