Friday, 17 June 2016

rick parfitt has another heart attack

Myself and others were going to go to the 'Rock on Windermere' gig this weekend to see the once mighty Status Quo, but it has been announced that Rick Parfitt has had another heart attack after a recent gig in Turkey.
Ironically, the reason we were going this weekend was that we hadn't seen Quo for years, and as they (and us) were not getting any younger, we did think that this might be the last chance to see them before they retired, or mother nature, armed with the icy hand of death, took it's toll on them (or us).
The gig is still going ahead, with Rhino's son filling in for Rick, and it sounds like Rick is making a good recovery, so it's not all doom and gloom, but my reason for going, like the proverbial dead parrot itself, has ceased to be.
Ah well - back to the football and pub, and l wish Rick a speedy recovery, and a long life.

toodle pip

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