Monday, 23 May 2016

jimi hendrix in darlington

Everyones seen plenty of photographs of Jimi Hendrix over the years, and here's another one, from February 2nd 1967, hand coloured by Ian Wright. Why am l putting it up? Only because he was in super Darlington, near to where l live, as he was playing in Darlington that night (in The Blue Pad Nightclub, part of The Imperial hotel). Now l'm not trying to cast any aspersions about the place (after all, l'm from Bootle), but Jimi also had his black Fender Stratocaster guitar stolen that evening. Supposedly it was later bought for £20 (see here) and sold on, but it's hard to know the truth, especially if you are as cynical and untrusting as me.
Another minor footnote in the history of rock and roll, and as well as Jimi himself, most of the people who attended are probably dead (or in their 70's).

toodle pip

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