Tuesday, 3 May 2016

gary lineker's photograph wall

Am l the only person who may have spotted this last night?
While everyone was celebrating Leicester City winning the Premiership, thanks to the Tottenham v Chelsea draw, Match of the Day showed footage of Gary Lineker and family celebrating at his home. In the background, was an impressive looking wall covered in what seemed like framed family photographs. However, what caught my eye, was that, if you look closely, the pictures are duplicated, which leads me to believe that it may be wallpaper.
That got me thinking even more (a dangerous thing). Maybe they are family photographs, made into strips of wallpaper. Maybe they are different photographs, just very similar. Maybe they are the same photographs, each framed a few times.
Otherwise, it's just crap wallpaper.

I'm amazed my brain doesn't explode with all the useless crap l spend time thinking about.

toodle pip

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