Saturday, 10 January 2015

je ne suis pas charlie hebdo - the other side

Further to my earlier post about Charlie Hebdo, here's a viewpoint that is most definitely not mine, but l can see where they are coming from.
If you are going to argue and disagree about stuff, it's good to have as much information to hand as possible, rather than just spouting off ill informed platitudes as a blinkered hate monger. However, l can't envisage either side changing their viewpoints and stances, so rather discouragingly, l think that the situation is only going to get worse, with a lot more violent attacks on the horizon (and l'm still against over zealous searches at airports!).

Here's a photograph to put it all into perspective - The Milky Way at night, taken at Yosomite National Park (by Justin Kern)

Give it a few thousand years, and it will all be so irrelevant. The bright star at the bottom is Jupiter.  Looking like it's watching over us, and if it could, tutting and sighing at our madness, self importance, and self destructiveness.

toodle pip

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