Monday, 8 December 2014


After recommendations, I've started watching Channel 4's Gogglebox  recently, and actually enjoy it a lot more than l thought l would do.  At first, it was 'Why would l want to watch other people watching TV?', it sounds like an insane idea, and l certainly have better things to do with my time.
Turns out l haven't, and the show can be quite funny.  Also, despite my prejudices against the upper clases (I know! - I've got many, many issues), my favourites on the show are the posh pissheads, Stephanie and Dominic Parker, probably because they remind me of a recent relationship (minus the poshness).
My nagging reservation about the show that prevents me enjoying it more, is the rather obvious elephant in the room (not me). That is, these people are on TV each week themselves, have achieved some kind of twisted celebrity, and are aware of how they are coming accross on our screens.  In which case, they must sometimes be playing up to the cameras, and not being their natural selves, and l can't get that nagging doubt out of my tiny little brain whenever l watch it.
Still good to watch for mind sapping relaxation, plus through the clips shown, l get glimpses into other programmes that l avoid like the plague.
X Factor - l'm talking about you, and as a cynical yet comedic look at talent shows, l recommend Ben Elton's novel 'Chart Throb'. You'll think differently about the shows afterwards.

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