Wednesday, 23 April 2014

david moyes, the chosen one, has left the building

So, David Moyes, The Chosen One himself, has been unceremoniously dumped, and now it's a case of who will replace him.  Louis Van Gaal is the one l'd put my money on, but what the hell do l know, as l would have kept Moyes on for at least another year and let him have a clear out and replenish the squad in the summer, as some of the players, especially the senior ones who should have been stepping up to the mark, have been taking the piss.  Despite Moyes's failings, negativity, and post match comments about playing well when the team obviously haven't, he has proven himself to be a good manager over the years, and Manchester United are not a club that should be taking knee jerk decisions, and should have gone for the long game (and risen above all of the negative press he has recently endured). It was also pretty distasteful the way the press had obviously been briefed in advance about the departure, and Moyes then had to wait until Tuesday morning for his sacking to be confirmed.  Not classy at all, and it just tarnishes the clubs reputation.
If anyone is interested, the banner above is now on sale at ebay, but l have a sneaking feeling the winning bidder won't be paying up, unless it is a consortium of Liverpool fans who are planning on displaying it next year, if the worst happens, and they win the league.
Bloody football.  At least we haven't been relegated.

toodel pip

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