Saturday, 30 November 2013

alexander dolgun's story (with patrick wilson) - an american in the gulag

Some people have had a hard life.
Alexander Dolgun came to Russia as his father got a job there before the Second World War (1933), but had difficulty returning to the USA afterwards.  Alexander then got a  job in the United States Embassy, and was living the high life, until 1948, when he was suddenly arrested and sentenced to 25 years in the Gulag (after being interrogated and tortured) on trumped up anti soviet charges.  The book is the story of his arrest and eventual release (in 1956), plus how he managed to leave Russia afterwards and return to America in 1971 (with great difficulty).
It's amazing how some people can adapt to atrocious conditions and circumstances, even if there seems to be no end to the suffering, and no rhyme or reason behind it.  Obviously a lot did not survive, and it's ridiculous what little had to be done to incur the wrath of the powers in charge, and also receive a 25 year sentence.
Oh, l nearly forgot, his parents are also questioned and tortured, and this sends his mother mad.
Not a cheerful read by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly interesting.

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