Tuesday, 8 October 2013

going to the dentist in newcastle

Darlington train station 

 Coming into Newcastle

 My  Nemisis

£12.30 for a day return!!

A toilet wall in Bar Loco

A rather dodgy looking record cover on that wall

What a day l've had today.  I had a 3.15pm appointment at the Dental hospital in Newcastle and decided to go up early by train from Darlington, rather than driving and trying to find a decent parking place nearby.  It was a splendidly sunshiny day and l perused the charity and record shops before my appointment, which passed the time rather nicely (Record shop grandad?? It's  all CD's and downloads these days). My glorious day in the sunshine came to an abrupt end when l hit the dentist chair, as l was massaged (not in a good way), manhandled, examined, scrapped, electrocuted, and then X-Rayed afterwards. This was because it was my first appointment at the Dental Hospital, and they managed to get me an X-Ray slot straight away. No wonder l don't like dentists, even if Zara (my current one) is loveliness itself.  I then went for a couple of ales in The Trent House and Bar Loco to recover my composure, indulged in a bit of shopping, and headed home, already dreading the next appointment in a couple of weeks.  Bloody dentists.  Maybe l saw 'Marathon Man' at too early an age (Is it safe?), or was scarred by the crappy butchers/dentist that used to be in Catterick, but either way, it's not something l look forward to.  Then again, l suppose not many people do.  If l could just overcome my fear of the dentists chair and spiders, l would be sorted, as l am now indestructible, and l can handle anything else.

toodle pip

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