Tuesday, 15 October 2013

football, bloody hell (the biography of alex fergusun) - patrick barclay

'Football, Bloody Hell' was the famous line uttered by Alex Ferguson (now Sir Alex) after the 1999 Champions League final (European Cup final in old money) after Manchester United had come back from 1-0 down in the dying moments to win the game 2-1 in injury time.  Football doesn't get much more emotionally draining, as that was also the culmination of a treble, and as a Manchester United fan, watching the game at Nevada Smiths in New York, following United could only go downhill afterwards.
However, l still persevere, there's always a new season (with or without Alex Ferguson), and always more football to watch, and football books to read.
This biography didn't tell me a lot that l didn't already know, but Patrick Barclay is a reporter from the old school, who goes way back with his knowledge of players, managers, events and games, so it was still highly entertaining for the likes of me.  Like Ferguson himself, Barclay can be a stubborn old coot with strong opinions (catch him on Sunday Supplement), but l am all for that (being one myself).
Now l'm eagerly awaiting Ferguson's autobiography - out before Christmas!.
I'll admit it, I'm an addict.

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