Wednesday, 11 September 2013

the strypes - snapshot and wilko johnson dealing with death

This has been on steady rotation throughout the day, and l think it's great!   The Strypes new album (in old money) called 'Snapshot', which is short in length but full of energy and attitude. They certainly copy their influences, but their music, clothes and presentation is spot on.  I wouldn't go as far to say they have the same aggressive attitude as Dr Feelgood (who they sound like the most), but they obviously have time to develop, and Wilko Johnson and John B Sparks (from Dr Feelgood) certainly support them.
This sort of stuff makes me want to be 17 again.  I hope they don't blow it.

Here's The Strypes with Wilko and Sparky (as l call him), doing the Feelgoods 'She Does It Right'.

Here's the Feelgoods doing the original  

And here's Wilko talking about his terminal cancer on Breakfast TV.  I'd like to think l would react the same way to the news of my impending death as he has with his own.  What a genius guitarist and a fine example of a man.  See (or buy) Oil City Confidential for more affirmation.

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