Friday, 23 August 2013

saying goodbye as a foursome

The delights of Colin Changs

Outside The Southern Cross

                                                       Outside The Southern Cross (again)

Some happy times and holidays as a foursome

My bed for the night - very comfy!!

Well, it was off to Robbo and Kerry's in Middlesbrough last night to say goodbye to the FPO as a foursome, as she is moving to a new job down south next week.  It started with a bang as the exhaust on her car fell off as she was driving me and Robbo to The Southern Cross.  She had been warned by Kwik Fit that it was about to fall off, and had it booked in to be repaired on Tuesday, but due to this calamity, she had to wait for a repair man to come and take it off completely, so me and Robbo carried on walking, had a couple of drinks and an in depth chat outside The Southern Cross, then got a taxi back to the house with Chinese food for everybody from Colin Changs.  The FPO left early as she wasn't able to drink much due to driving, and l stayed up with Robbo for a while once Kerry went to bed, drinking and chatting some more (when he wasn't falling asleep).  Up early in the morning as we all had work, except for Kerry, but she had to be up to drop off Cairan (or Mr C as l have decided to call him) at the nursery. Kerry is off to meet the FPO in London before Christmas, but it's probably the end of a glorious era.
I blame God.

toodle pip

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